What Are Commercial Icemakers And The Top Commercial Ice Makers Available Today

Industrial ice makers improve the quality of ice by utilizing moving water. The water is run down a high nickel content stainless steel evaporator. The surface has to be below freezing. Salt water needs lower temperatures to freeze and can last longer. Generally used to pack fish products. Air and undissolved solids will be washed away to such an extent that in horizontal evaporator machines the water has 98 percent of the solids eliminated, resulting in rather hard, virtually pure, transparent ice. In vertical evaporators that the ice is milder, more so if you can find actual individual cube cells. Commercial ice machines can make unique sizes of ice such as flakers, crushed, block, octagon, and tube.

When the sheet of ice on the surface reaches the desired thickness, the sheet has been slid down onto a grid of wires, where the sheet of the weight makes it be broken to the desired shapes, after which it falls to a storage bin.

Manitowoc Ice Machines

Started in 1964, Manitowoc Ice, Inc. is a Wisconsin, US established restaurant equipment maker. They are well-known for delivering high quality ice machines in a cost, and Manitowoc is often credited as the #1 selling brand of American made ice machines.

Whether you’re looking Manitowoc’s Q-Series, QuietTube technology, S-Series, or the newer Manitowoc NEO Undercounter Ice Machine, CommercialIceMakers.com has your covered. If you have any queries or need help funding your Manitowoc Ice Machine, contact us now!

Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker

Launched in 1947 by Mr. Shigetoshi Sakamoto at Nagoya, Japan, Hoshizaki is a well established and reliable manufacturer of commercial ice machines, icemaker/dispensers, along with other foodservice and restaurant equipment.

As a leading online store for Hoshizaki Ice Machines, CommercialIceMakers.com provides you with their full line of products at unbelievably low costs. Read our inventory of Hoshizaki Ice Machines below, or contact our experts for assistance in locating the right Hoshizaki Ice Maker to your small business, or to discuss how to fund the purchase price of Hoshizaki ice machines.

Scotsman Ice Maker

Scotsman ice machines have been developed as the 1950’s. With more than 300 models of ice machines, ice bins, and accessories, it’s no accident that CommercialIceMachines.com conveys the well-known line of Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machines.

If you’re trying to find a reliable commercial ice maker for your enterprise, Scotsman delivers a reliable product at a fantastic value!

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